To all the car enthusiasts in Attibele, Karnataka, we highly recommend you check out our premium services. At The Detailing Mafia in Attibele, we provide premium car detailing services that restore your vehicle to like-new condition. Our professional detailing services are more precise and labour-intensive than getting a car wash. Our professionally trained detailers are sure to leave you smiling with their artistry. From basic car wash to exterior & interior car detailing services, we have all car care services under one roof.  

Car Detailing Services in Attibele, Karnataka  


Paint Protection Film in Attibele

An excellent car enthusiast cannot see their vehicle scratched or dull paint due to various environmental factors. At The Detailing Mafia, we use premium quality Paint Protection Film in Attibele by UltrashieldX, which has unique self-healing properties. You can explore and choose the protective films from our extensive range of PPF, starting from matte, color, textured, magic PPF and much more. The paint protection film preserves the vehicle's appearance as it has self-healing properties that repel accidental chips, scratches, scratch-causing stains, rocks, sand, and other paint-damaging impacts.

Ceramic Coating in Attibele:

Ceramic coating in Attibele is popular for people who want a high-gloss vehicle. This liquid polymer coating or Graphene Coating in Attibele bonds with the vehicle's factory paint to provide several benefits such as ease of cleaning, safeguarding from UV rays, preventing minor swirl marks and much more. It is not just a protective product but also helps outshine the vehicle's body. 

Car/Bike Detailing in Attibele

We can assure you proudly that you will have a world-class experience when you enter our studio for professional car/bike detailing services in Attibele. We can easily match the level of service and quality you are looking for in your vehicle. We will give your vehicle a complete makeover. 

Ceramic Wash in Attibele

In our premium car cleaning services in Attibele, we use a ceramic wash system in which we don't use any regular soaps or shampoos. We use a mixture of siloxanes that sticks to the car body, providing defence, flexibility (ability to bend), and superior foaming and lubricity during cleaning. It also creates an additional hydrophobic shielding layer. 

Steam Wash in Attibele

Our exceptional Steam Car Washing Services in Attibele use high-temperature steam, typically produced by a specialized steam cleaning machine. Our Special Car Washing Services in Attibele clean and detail the exterior and interior of vehicles. It helps in removing foul odour and germs from the car. 

Maintenance Wash in Attibele

Maintenance Wash in Attibele is one of the most typically used terms in auto detailing. Numerous methods can be employed for this task, but usually, regular cleaning is deemed the optimal choice. It not only extends the lifespan of your vehicle but also maintains a fresh and well-kept appearance, keeping your car looking new.

Window Film or Glass Film in Attibele

It has been verified to block up to 97% of infrared rays, so there is no need to worry about harmful solar radiation re-entering the vehicle. This new hybrid technology breaks the perception of fragile endotherms by fusing Nano-Ceramic materials with metalized coatings. Glass Film in Attibele introduces a new product type that sets new standards for hybrid ceramic window films. UltrashieldX Sun Control Film in Attibele provides an apparent view of the driver’s line of sight as it is almost unaffected by fogging when installed.

Car Sanitization in Attibele

Car sanitization involves an ozone treatment process in which ozone (O3) gas is used to eliminate odors, bacteria, and viruses within the vehicle. As the gas permeates the car, it neutralizes odours and effectively eradicates harmful bacteria and viruses.

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Vehicle in Attibele, Karnataka! Our Car Detailing Services are the Key to a Remarkable Transformation. From restoring that showroom shine to safeguarding your car's every inch, we do it all with precision and passion. Trust us to bring out the best in your vehicle.  



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