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With 40 years of rich history, Lake country Manufacturing has grown to offer a complete line of buffing and polishing products to different industries across the globe. It is a very popular brand for buffing pads which is a blend of premium material and excellent design. It is a privately owned manufacturer of polishing and buffing products like pads. It is a world-known brand for polishing pads with its offerings in 50 countries across the globe. The products of Lake Country are sold to detailing, consumer markets and PBE (Paint, Body, and Equipment) through various distribution channels. A company is driven by searching the best and profitable solutions for the customers through the manufacturing of customized buffing pads. Our products are now offered in over 50 countries worldwide.

Along with our focus on product development, Lake Country Manufacturing continues to invest in upgrading and automating our manufacturing operations to provide the highest quality and consistent products on the market.


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  • Designed for long throw polishers, specifically
  • Offers more durable performance.
  • The dual layer design delivers all the benefits of a tapered pad and even compression like an exact fit pad.
  • It features the thin pad benefits like increased power and reduced pad motion.
  • Retains the proper weight and balance for proper rotation.
  • Adjustable elastic headband for the flamethrower light
  • Easily adjusts to any size
  • Brings easy in handling interior cleaning
  • Great lighting at your fingertips
  • Efficient and durable.


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CCS TECHNOLOGY™ 38 Conventional foam pads absorb polish too quickly. This reduces polish and pad performance because most of the polish is trapped below the working surface of the pad. CCS Technology™ solves this common problem using strategic patterns of partially closed foam cells.


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The LC knitted wool pads are the finest in their class, created from only the highest grade wool and blend of materials.Compiled of a number of proprietary and different blended pads, we offer wool pad products available nowhere else in the world. Our knitted wool pads combine the performance benefits of traditional lambswool with the ability to blend materials to suit specific cutting or finishing needs, all while ensuring a consistent quality from pad to pad. Knitted pads reduce the amount of shedding or linting compared to traditional wool pads. Our signature foamed wool pads are known around the world, and continue to gain popularity year over year. We pride ourselves on finding wool pad solutions from industrial applications to detailing and for all types of machines.

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Knitted Wool Pads

As one of the first pads ever offered by Lake Country, we’ve tested and developed the most premium knitted wool pads. Similar to natural sheepskin pads, these have an increased cutting ability, but unlike natural sheepskin the performance will be consistent from pad to pad.


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• Purple Foamed Wool Pad

The purple foamed wool is a staple in the detail, OEM, and industrial markets alike. The proprietary foaming process helps hold the fibers together, creating a cushioned feel, holding abrasives to the surface, and adding an increased gloss and finishing ability. The patented nano foam process encapsulates fibers at the base of the lambswool with microscopic polyfoam particles.

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• Double Sided Wool Pad

Double sided wool pads have become a standard in the composite, body shop, and industrial markets. Centered every time and always balanced to save time and reduce fatigue.

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MICROFIBER and Mini Pads

With years of testing, a complete line of 3 microfiber pads were created to tackle any job with a DA polisher. Using specific blends of microfiber and special bonding materials, we created these pads to have durability and longevity that is tough to compete with. Each pad offers its own unique blend of microfiber, paired with the appropriate foam interface to suit each purpose. Machine polishers hitting the market keep getting smaller to meet the needs of professional detailers and technicians. Whether it’s small trim pieces, motorcycles, scoops or even interior pieces, more precise tools are required. Our mini pads offer a variety of colours and sizes to fit anywhere.



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Glass Polishing Pads

Lake Country Glass Polishing Pads allow you to remove scratches, water spots, and stubborn residues from your windshield and windows! These professional grade pads work with your dual action or circular (rotary) polisher to eliminate glass imperfections safely and completely.

  • Fast cutting, low heat and easy polishing.
  • Capable of polishing out to a clear finish.
  • Can be used with a rotary or dual action polisher.
  • Compressed material remains porous enough to help absorb the compounding material and avoid wasteful product sling.
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Five Detailing Tools In One:

With the UDOS® 51E (User Defined Orbital Stroke) you can get more work done with fewer tools. Switch seamlessly between five polishing orbits on the fly:

  • R - Rotary
  • S - Sanding
  • P1 - 12mm Dual Action Orbital
  • P2 - 15mm Dual Action Orbital
  • P3 - 21mm Dual Action Orbital
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Innovative Features for Polishing:

  • User Defined Orbital Stroke (UDOS).
  • Easy adjustment collar and controls.
  • Innovative cooling backing plate.
  • Ergonomic design with dynamic balance.
  • Interchangeable Handles.
  • Most Powerful Motor on the Market.
  • Front Bump out grips gives complete control.


  • 220 Volt, 50 Hz Cove Code-F Plug (EU).
  • RPM range: 1000-2400.
  • Variable speed trigger with trigger lock.
  • 5" hook and loop backing plate.
  • UDOTM pad line.
  • Accepts 5" and 6" hook and loop sandpaper.


The newly engineered UDOS® 51E 5" (127mm) backing plate adapts aerospace industry technology to increase airflow through the tool when in use, and makes detailing work easier. The technology is currently patent pending.

  • Dynamic Balancing provides a perfect match to the UDOS 51E.
  • Designed for use with the UDO Pad line as well as 5" and 6" hook and loop sandpaper.
  • UDOS aero ducting builds positive air pressure inside the backing plate, forcing cool air down through the plate and into the pa,keeping it cool.


Everyone’s hands are slightly different, so the UDOS® 51E allows you to replace the handle with different sizes for the most comfortable fit.

  • Three handle options allow for complete customization for each user’s specific needs.
  • Notches easily show plate rotation for more precise control.
  • UDOS is delivered with the “standard” handle size.
Hyderabad LargeStandardStandard
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Simple 3 pad system for the UDOS 51E

The new line of UDOS® pads complement the 5-in-1 functionality and the unique backing plate.UDOS® custom pads are desgined to operate in ratary or dual action orbit modes (12mm, 15mm, 21mm). The new UDO polishing pad line features the exclusive Action Rebound Technology.

• Micro Wool Cutting Pad

Heavy cutting pad Ideal for heavy to medium defect removal.

• Olive Light Cutting Pad

Olive foam pad ideal for medium to light defect removal.

• Khaki Polishing Pad

Khaki foam polishing pad is perfect for light defect removal and final stages of paint correction.

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  • Versatile: -
    - Each pad works with each orbit and function of the UDOS s1 LCPT exclusive foam formulations.
  • Engineered Taper Profile: -
    - Perfect pressure distribution.
    - Increased user response and experience.
  • Active Rebound Technology:-
    - Buoyant effect and consent pressure feel increases effectiveness.
    - Refined foam formulation reduces splattering and keeps more polish on the pad.
  • Simple 3 pad system: -
    - Each pad provides unique benefits with every UDOS rotation option.
    - Heavy cutting to finish polishing.
  • Centre Ventilated Cooling Channel: -
    -Works in unison with UDOS Aero Backing Plate to keep pads cooler which increases performance and life of the pad.
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Padwasher and cleaning station
The Lake Country Pad Washer System 4000 allows you to safely and easily clean all of your polishing pads with one easy to use system! The 4000 replaces the already great 3000D Pad Washer from Lake Country but enhances some features for a more durable, more efficient pad cleaning experience. This simple to operate, self-contained cleaning system filters, and recycles your cleaning solution, allowing you to reduce the amount of contamination touching the pad. 4000 features a user-controlled pump, removable catch basin, and a replaceable filter which all help clean and leave less contamination on the pads. The new open-top design allows for easier access on the fly and reduced moving parts. Fewer parts allow for easier use and less broken or movable parts, extending the life of your pad washer overall.

How to use:
  • Fill to the desired level.
  • Add one packet of Lake Country Snappy Clean Boost Pad Cleaner
  • Prime the pump by pushing down on it gently with your hands. Water should shoot upwards when doing so.
  • Insert soiled pad (still attached to polisher).
  • Use the power of the polisher to clean dirt and grime off of the pads.
  • Spin dry pad in the unit to avoid any sling or mess.

The new pump design eliminates pressure loss and reduces clogging or breaking. Overall the durability is drastically increased from the 3000D and the new build greatly reduces vibrations during the cleaning process. On top of these great features, the new grommet design removes the easy to lose seal with a part that stays in place with better sealing ability. Use the 4000 Pad Cleaner with most polishers (random orbital, DA, rotary) and pads (wool, foam, microfiber) of any shape or size (pads up to 9" in diameter).

  • Safely and easily clean your polishing pads!.
  • This pad cleaning system filters away contamination.
  • Compatible with various buffers, pad sizes, types etc.