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Car Detailing is particularly related to cleaning and preserving the original appearance of a car. It is much more than a car wash, it is more elaborate and labour-intensive in nature. Car detailing restores the shine of a vehicle and adds a layer of protection to its paint body.
The Detailing Mafia offers the best-in-class Car Cleaning and Car Detailing services. We have mastered the art of Car Detailing in every field. Give your car the best treatment with the Mafia’s car cleaning and Detailing service.
At The Detailing Mafia we detail all kinds of vehicles including Cars (small, sedan, SUV, MUV, Luxury, High-End Luxury) and all types of Bikes (Cruiser, Sport, Touring, Standard, Dual-Purpose, Dirt Bike)
Car Detailing can be done once in a year, but its maintenance should be every 2 months, for a better durability and shine of the car’s paint body.
Car Detailing is absolutely worthy, as it enhances the shine and provides a better protection to its paint body. With car detailing you don't have to wash your car on a regular basis. It saves both time and effort.
The duration depends on the services you opted for. However, we are pro at car detailing and promise to deliver your vehicle in a limited time period.
Car Detailing includes both Interior and Exterior Detailing. Exterior Detailing includes -Car Wash, Claying, Polishing, Sealing or Waxing, and Interior Detailing includes - Vacuuming, Scrubbing/Brushing, Steam Cleaning, Glass Cleaning, Leather Trimming and much more.
Car detailing is that healing therapy that cures all the damages faced by car exterior. It has the ability to fix all the scratches, swirl marks, paint fading, oxidizing and so on.
Any of the methods listed below can work well in preventing scratches on your car-
  • Paint protection film(PPF) - it provides protection against various life scratches, stone chips, paint scuff, oil stains, bug acid and bird droppings. In addition to this, PPF is self-healing in nature.
  • Ceramic Coating - it is scratch resistant in nature and has self-cleaning capabilities. It provides mirror-like gloss to your vehicle and gives UVA protection.
Car Detailing is more diligent and extensive as compared to car washing. Car detailing is not only limited to car cleaning but to restoring the condition of the vehicle. Car wash just caters to the outside of the vehicle, whereas car detailing extends to interior deep cleaning and makes your vehicle look like showroom quality.
At the Detailing Mafia we use UltrashieldX Paint Protection Film. It provides excellent elongation and easy installation. It incorporates non-yellowing TPU and advanced adhesive technology. It has self-healing properties and is hydrophobic in nature.
Our Windshield Protection Film offers two variants, one is Nano-Ceramic Tint and the other is Chameleon Automotive Window Film. Both provide excellent UV protection, easy installation and so on.
All the car care services have their specific specialities-
  • Car Wax - car wax is a type of a paint sealant that adds shine and protection to your car. It is used after car washing and polishing.
  • Ceramic Coating- is a liquid polymer which is applied to the exterior of a vehicle to protect it from exterior paint damage. Ceramic coating creates a semi-permanent layer of protection that prevents your vehicle from scratches and swirl marks. It gives your car a premium glossy look which does not fade away easily.
  • Paint Protection Film- has self-healing, hydrophobic, anti-fouling and solvent resistant properties. It provides excellent elongation and easy installation.
  • Clarity Coat- is basically a sprayable paint protection system that not just looks and feels like regular factory paint but also delivers protection from everyday road debris.
We are located at - E-98, Sector 6,Noida,Uttar Pradesh (201301), India. We have our Detailing Franchises located across PAN India. Major cities include - Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Jaipur and many more.
Generally we are open on all days, from 10AM TO 8PM. On some occasions hours may differ.
All the car care services have their specific specialities-
We accept all kinds of payment methods including, Cash in Hand, Google Pay, paytm, Phonepay UPI, NEFT and payment through our Value Cards.