Denting Painting

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Car Denting Painting

The Car's Paint is often the first thing people notice, especially if the finish is chipped, scratched, or damaged. We use very best products to restore your paint job's original look and feel.

We deal in Paint Booth and use latest SATA paint spray guns and products to give best paint job to your car.

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SATAjet X5500 HVLP

The SATAjet X 5500 HVLP is the latest SATA paint spray gun for highest demands. With the X nozzle system, painters are able to cope with all paint systems and application recommendations. In addition, the whispering nozzle noticeably reduces the volume and gives bodyshops a softer, more pleasant painting feeling - all this with reduced material consumption.


Service Specification Specs Small Car Sedan SUV/MUV/Luxury High End Luxury
Car Denting & Paint
Car Bumper 7500 8000 9500 12000
Car Bonet 7500 8000 9500 12000
Car Boot 7500 8000 9500 12000
Car Door 7500 8000 9500 12000
Car Fender 6000 6500 7000 7500
Car Roof 12000 14000 17500 20000
Full Car 110000 130000 140000 150000
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