At The Detailing Mafia Chandigarh, we offer top-tier Car Detailing Services that aim to surpass customer expectations. Our crew of expertly trained professionals, combined with outstanding customer support, strives to provide an unparalleled detailing experience. Across our PAN India studios, we are committed to delivering service with unwavering dedication and intelligent effort, embodying our motto "Perfection is in the detail". Whether it's a routine car wash or the application of Paint Protection Film, our skilled team in Chandigarh is always ready to assist you with your car care needs.


Car Detailing Services in Chandigarh, Punjab

Paint Protection Film in Chandigarh, Punjab

UltrashieldX's paint protection film is a good quality thermoplastic urethane film for bikes and cars. This film is put on the top of the paint on cars and bikes. It can be transparent or have a colour. This film helps keep your vehicle looking new because it can fix itself. It's great at stopping small chips, scratches, and marks caused by rocks, sand, and other things that might hit your car.

Ceramic Coating in Chandigarh, Punjab

Ceramic coating is a special kind of protection for your car that resists chemicals well and protects against sun damage, which can fade the paint. Sometimes, people call it nano-coating or glass coating. It keeps your car safe and makes it look shiny and new.


Car/Bike Detailing in Chandigarh, Punjab

Professional detailing is all about thoroughly cleaning and fixing up a car to make it look like it did when it was new. It's much more detailed and takes more work than a regular car wash. When you get your vehicle professionally detailed, it's like giving it a complete transformation.


Ceramic Wash in Chandigarh, Punjab

This unique mix called siloxanes sticks to your car's body. It protects your vehicle and makes it more flexible, so it's better at bending without damage. Plus, it's good at foaming up and sliding smoothly during cleaning. This mixture blends with your car's paint, creating an extra layer that keeps water from sticking. 


Steam Wash in Chandigarh, Punjab

A steam car wash is a nature-friendly way to clean your car using steam, both inside and outside. It's a method that's kind to the environment and great for getting rid of bad smells, bacteria, and germs in the car.


Maintenance Wash in Chandigarh, Punjab

A maintenance car wash is a popular term in car detailing. It means cleaning your car regularly in different ways. Doing this often is usually the best way to go. It helps your vehicle last longer and keeps it looking new and well-cared for.


Window Film  in Chandigarh, Punjab

Window films are verified to block up to 97% of infrared rays, so there is no need to worry about harmful solar radiation re-entering the vehicle. This new hybrid technology breaks the perception of fragile endotherms by fusing Nano-Ceramic materials with metalized coatings. It introduces a new product type that sets new standards for hybrid ceramic window films.  


Car Sanitization in Chandigarh, Punjab

Car sanitization is done through ozone treatment, where ozone (O3) gas removes odours, bacteria, and viruses in the car. When the gas penetrates the vehicle, the odour is neutralized, and bacteria and viruses are killed.


Transform Your Ride into a Masterpiece with The Detailing Mafia in Chandigarh! Dive into the world of unmatched car detailing services, where every inch of your vehicle gets the royal treatment it deserves. Don't just drive, make a statement on the streets of Punjab. Book your appointment now and experience the magic of flawless detailing!





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