At The Detailing Mafia Hanumangarh, our commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart. Our team of highly skilled professionals and exceptional customer support combine to create an unparalleled experience. With detailing studios across India, we are driven by a dedication to perfection, as reflected in our motto, "Perfection is in the detail." Whether you need a basic car wash or the installation of Paint Protection Film, our Hanumangarh team is always ready to assist you, ensuring your vehicle receives top-notch care and attention.

Car Detailing Services in Hanumangarh, Haryana


Paint Protection Film  in Hanumangarh, Haryana

UltrashieldX automotive paint protection film is a premium thermoplastic urethane coating. This innovative PPF is expertly applied to the surface of cars and motorcycles and is available in both transparent and coloured options. What sets this film apart is its remarkable self-healing capabilities, effectively warding off unsightly damage caused by accidental chips, scratches, staining, rocks, sand, and other impacts.  

Ceramic Coating  in Hanumangarh, Haryana

Ceramic coatings are like super protectors for your car. They're good at keeping away chemicals and harmful sunlight, so your car's paint doesn't get damaged. People also call them nano-coatings or glass coatings. Besides keeping your car safe, they make it look super shiny and sleek!

Car/Bike Detailing in Hanumangarh, Haryana

Professional detailing is like giving your car a spa day! It's not just a quick wash; it's a meticulous process where experts make your vehicle look brand new. They clean every nook and cranny, making it sparkle and shine inside and out. Your car gets a total transformation, and you'll love the results!

Ceramic Wash in Hanumangarh, Haryana

Imagine a unique formula that sticks to your car's body, kind of like a superhero shield. It does a few cool things: protects, bends when needed, and makes cleaning easier. This mixture becomes best friends with your car's paint and adds an extra layer of protection.

Steam Wash in Hanumangarh, Haryana

Steam car wash is an environmentally friendly way to clean your car, both inside and out. It's good at getting rid of smells, bacteria, and germs that might be hanging around. Plus, it's kind to the environment, so you're doing your part to keep the Earth happy and clean!

Maintenance Wash in Hanumangarh, Haryana

In the world of car care, a maintenance car wash is a familiar phrase. It means giving your car a good, regular cleaning. This is an intelligent choice because it helps your vehicle last longer and keeps it looking fresh and well taken care of like it just rolled off the showroom floor. It's like a secret trick to make your car stay awesome!

Window Film in Hanumangarh, Haryana

UltrashieldX premium window films block almost all the harmful sunlight that can make your car hot. It's like a mix of tiny ceramic materials and metal coating, making it super strong. UltrashieldX is so clear that even when it's on your windows, you can still see well without them getting all foggy.  

Car Sanitization in Hanumangarh, Haryana

Car sanitization is like giving your car a deep cleaning with a particular gas called ozone (O3). This gas goes all over your vehicle and makes terrible smells disappear. It also gets rid of germs and viruses, so your car is fresh and clean. It's like a superhero gas for your car's hygiene!

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