At The Detailing Mafia Rohtak, we provide top-notch car detailing services. Our team is filled with skilled professionals and we offer great customer support. We aim to give our customers a unique and memorable experience. Our studios across India are dedicated to providing excellent service, living up to our motto, "Perfection is in the detail". Whether it's a basic car wash or applying Paint Protection Film, our Rohtak branch is always ready to assist you.

Car Detailing Services in Rohtak, Haryana

Paint Protection Film in Rohtak, Haryana

UltrashieldX's advanced automotive paint protection film is made of premium thermoplastic urethane. This film, which can be clear or colored, is installed on the upper layer of a car's or bike's paint. It helps maintain the vehicle's new look due to its self-healing capabilities. It can automatically repair minor chips, scratches, and marks from everyday elements like rocks, sand, and other debris.


Ceramic Coating in Rohtak, Haryana

The ceramic coating is excellent at resisting chemicals and protects the paint from sun damage, preventing it from fading. This coating, sometimes called nano-coating or glass coating, shields your vehicle and makes the body look shinier.

Car/Bike Detailing in Rohtak, Haryana

Professional detailing is the art and technique of cleaning a vehicle and restoring it to its original condition. Auto-detailing services are much more accurate and labor-intensive than a car wash. In this process, your vehicle gets a complete makeover.   

Ceramic Wash in Rohtak, Haryana

Ceramic wash is like a blend of unique chemicals that sticks to your car, keeping it safe, flexible (able to bend), and easy to clean. It also combines with your car's paint to create an extra protective layer that repels water.

Steam Wash in Rohtak, Haryana

Experience eco-friendly car cleaning at The Detailing Mafia in Rohtak with their steam car wash service. This eco-conscious method leaves your car sparkling clean while minimizing environmental impact, making it an excellent choice for your vehicle and the planet.

Maintenance Wash in Rohtak, Haryana

"Maintenance Car Wash" is a frequently heard term in car detailing. While there are various approaches to tackle this task, the consensus often leans towards regular cleaning as the optimal choice. This practice not only enhances the lifespan of your vehicle but also ensures that your car maintains a fresh and pristine appearance.

Window Film in Rohtak, Haryana

Extensive testing confirmed window films' ability to block as much as 97% of harmful infrared rays, ensuring your vehicle remains protected from solar radiation. UltrashieldX introduces a unique product category that sets higher benchmarks for hybrid ceramic window films. Moreover, it maintains excellent visibility for the driver, showing minimal signs of fogging when applied.

Car Sanitization in Rohtak, Haryana

The process of car sanitization involves ozone treatment, harnessing the power of ozone gas (O3) to eliminate unwanted odors, bacteria, and viruses within the vehicle. As the ozone gas permeates the car's interior, it neutralizes odors and effectively exterminates harmful bacteria.


Discover the Art of Automotive Transformation at The Detailing Mafia in Rohtak, Haryana! Our Car Detailing Services redefine luxury on wheels. Unleash a world of pristine shine and meticulous care for your beloved vehicle. Book now for an exclusive detailing experience that will make your car the envy of the road. Embrace the brilliance of automotive perfection!






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