Car Detailing Services at The Detailing Mafia Sonipat ensure the best for their customers. With a team of professionally trained workers to amazing customer support, we initiate to give an experience to the customer that they have never felt before. Our detailing studios PAN India believe in serving with utmost dedication and smart work that justifies our tagline "Perfection is in the detail". Be it a simple car wash or installation of the Paint Protection Film, our cartel in Sonipat is always there to help you.

Car Detailing Services in Sonipat, Haryana


Paint Protection Film in Sonipat, Haryana

UltrashieldX PPF is expertly applied by The Detailing Mafia to the surface of both cars and motorcycles, available in transparent or colored options. What sets this paint protection film apart is its remarkable self-healing properties, which not only keep your vehicle looking fresh but also effectively ward off accidental chips, scratches, stain-causing blemishes, rocks, sand, and various other potential impacts, preserving the youthful appearance of your vehicle.

Ceramic Coating in Sonipat, Haryana

Ceramic coatings exhibit exceptional resistance to chemicals and offer outstanding UV protection, effectively preventing paint oxidation. These coatings, sometimes referred to as nano-coatings or glass coatings, not only protect your vehicle but also enhance its appearance, ensuring that your car's body maintains a dazzling shine.

Car/Bike Detailing in Sonipat, Haryana

Professional detailing is both an art and a meticulous technique dedicated to cleansing a vehicle and rejuvenating it to its pristine, factory-like state. Auto-detailing services are significantly more precise and labour-intensive compared to a standard car wash. 

Ceramic Wash in Sonipat, Haryana

A blend of siloxanes binds to the car's surface, offering protection, flexibility (the ability to bend), and superb foaming and lubrication during cleaning. This mixture melds seamlessly with your car's paint, creating an additional hydrophobic protective layer.

Steam Wash in Sonipat, Haryana

Steam car washing is an environmentally conscious procedure that utilizes steam to cleanse both the interior and exterior of a vehicle thoroughly. Steam cleaning is widely recognized as an eco-friendly method that effectively eliminates unpleasant odours, bacteria, and germs from the car.

Maintenance Wash in Sonipat, Haryana

"Maintenance car wash" is a frequently employed term in the world of automotive detailing. While there are various methods to carry out this procedure, regular cleaning stands out as the optimal choice. By doing so, you not only extend your vehicle's lifespan but also ensure it maintains a fresh and well-maintained appearance, akin to a brand-new car.

Window Film in Sonipat, Haryana

UltrashieldX window film technology has been confirmed to effectively block up to 97% of infrared rays, ensuring that there's no concern about harmful solar radiation re-entering the vehicle. Through the fusion of Nano-Ceramic materials with metalized coatings, this innovative hybrid technology redefines the concept of fragile heat-absorbing materials, introducing a groundbreaking product that sets new standards for hybrid ceramic window films.  

Car Sanitization in Sonipat, Haryana

Car sanitization is accomplished using an ozone treatment method, employing ozone (O3) gas to eliminate existing odours, bacteria, and viruses within the vehicle. As this gas permeates the car, it effectively neutralizes odours while eradicating harmful bacteria and viruses, ensuring a fresh and hygienic interior.

Unlock a New Level of Car Elegance in Sonipat, Haryana with The Detailing Mafia! Our Car Detailing Services redefine perfection. Trust our skilled experts to rejuvenate your vehicle, leaving it impeccably clean, polished, and protected. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your car's appearance. Book now for an unmatched automotive experience, and let your vehicle shine like never before. 





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